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    In this week’s AtT email, Jeannie Babb examines the implications of God in a natural disaster:

    “Even before the debris has been sifted for valuables and mementos, those inside a tragedy – and those outside looking in – seek to set the world right by employing a narrative. Listening to the clichés, one notices a pattern. A survivor who says “God was really looking out for me,” is expressing a need to answer the question, “Why did I survive?” But the conclusion, that God specially protected the survivor, begs the question, what about those who did not survive? Did God fail to see those people? Did God turn a blind eye to some school children in Oklahoma, but save others? Does God pick and choose, as capricious as a tornado?”

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    Keep Bad Theology out of Oklahoma

    The Abusive Theology of Deserved Tragedy, by Rachel Held Evans (who later softened her stance after Piper clarified)

    The Doors of the Sea: Where was God in the Tsunami?
    by David Bentley Hart

    Jeannie Babb

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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