In our vision statement we write:

The Christian faith is at a crossroads. It needs greater impact in modern life — and yet there is not enough expansive, creative or progressive thinking about how to do that. At the Threshold is a new organization dedicated to fostering this transformation.

We know the church needs to “transform.” Here are a few ways we suggest it should change:

  • become a truly global church by using information technology
  • put justice and peace back in the heart of our work (we are collecting links to progressive peace and justice organizations)
  • rediscover the egalitarian and communal early church, as opposed to what is prominent today – top-down, individualistic, and often fundamentalist
  • explore new ways of worshiping (among other things, our Effective Ministry section will highlight experiments in liturgy)
  • include all baptized people in the full life and ministry of the church, overcoming the marginalization of women, LGBT persons, and children

How do you think the church should change?