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Jennifer Harris Dault's book, released Nov 2012

Jennifer Harris Dault’s book, released Nov 2012

Growing up Baptist, Jennifer Harris Dault says her calling into the ministry was clouded by comments and assumptions along the way that the pulpit was no place for women.

“I had this feeling as a kid that women could not be pastors,” said Harris Dault, 30, a May Central Baptist Theological Seminary graduate who lives in St. Louis  “It wasn’t until I was already in seminary and had preached my first sermon that I realized I did have these gifts.”

She also realized she wasn’t alone – that many Baptist women, even those traditions OK with women’s ordination – faced the same opposition and doubts she did.

So Harris Dault compiled 23 of those experiences (including her own) into Modern Magnificat: Women Responding to the Call of God, a book released in November.

A common denominator in their stories is the experience of being told by churches they would not be hired despite being the most qualified candidates.  Read More…