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“Do you like feeling good without having to act on your feeling? Boosting your self-esteem no matter your competence or behavior? Then I’ve got the religious program for you.”

 sympathizes with the 1 in 5 Americans who feel spiritual yet allergic to institutions. Yet, he opines that without religious institutions, their spiritual feeling will never be more than that, just feelings without action and without recognizable impact for good in the world.

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My New Testament professor often says, “Today we view the cross as a solution to a problem, but for the earliest Christians it was just a problem.” They had walked with Jesus, had invested themselves in this kingdom to come, and had seen it manifest in healings and other miraculous events. Then he died.

The expected Messiah was not supposed to die. He was supposed to save the nation of Israel from the Roman Empire, not be killed by a bunch of religious bureaucrats using the Roman imperialists as their henchmen. The outcome was all backward, and it would take years (two millennia and counting) to explain how the death of Jesus fulfilled rather than contradicted his prophetic message.

You can go to the hillside cemetery behind Burning Bush Baptist Church in northwest Georgia just before sunrise on any Easter morning. Stand shoulder to shoulder with other weary souls, your heels sinking into the soft ground. Everyone avoids standing on grave tops, so that the crowd draws together with holes in between like a crocheted table cloth. The grass soaks the hems of your pants as the preacher retells the story of that morning when a group of women went to the tomb and found it empty. Read More…

Advent wreath with candles

It’s that time of year, when bells ring outside the local Walmart and the Christmas products that have been on the shelves since before Halloween are dusted off and put on sale. The entire nation is engaged in a buying frenzy that begins in the wee hours of Black Friday and continues until Christmas Day. The newsfeed on Facebook is awash with memes begging “Keep the Christ in Christmas!” (to which I heartily reply, “Keep the Mass in Christmas!”) There’s an elf on every shelf and a Santa in every mall, yet Fox News has an entire page devoted to the “war on Christmas.”

According to Fox News, the war on Christmas rages when atheists don’t want their children watching Charlie Brown, or when a toy company publishes ads depicting boys playing with dolls and girls playing with guns. Read More…

Although 59% of Catholics support the ordination of women, the Vatican continues to list the ordination of women as a grave crime in the same category as sexually abusing children. Both are punishable by defrocking or excommunication. More than once the Vatican has made good on that promise.

Read NBC’s account of Bill Brennan, a 92-year-old Jesuit priest who lost his collar for celebrating the mass with an ordained woman in Columbus, Georgia. Brennan is the third priest within the last month dismissed for advocating women’s ordination. The Rev. Helmut Schueller, an Austrian priest, was stripped of his right to use the title “monsignor” for advocating the right of women to be ordained to the priesthood. The Rev. Ray Bourgeois was dismissed last month for the same reason. Bourgeois has written an e-book, available free online, called My Journey from Silence to Solidarity.

Despite the Vatican’s stance against women priests, a handful of Roman Catholic women have been ordained to the priesthood by sympathetic bishops. What does it say that the Vatican not only opposes priests, and not only lumps them together with child molesters, but also attacks any male priest who associates or stands up for women priests?

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