Bill Moyers Interviews Thomas Cahill 

The impact of Pope Francis on the whole church – and American politics.

Bill Moyers & Company has posted a video of Moyers interviewing best selling author and At the Threshold contributor Thomas Cahill. This video is worth the fifteen minutes.

Why did conservative cardinals elect this man?

What is the bottom line for Christianity; what is “absolute” for the faithful?

What will this Pope be able to do about Women’s ordination, about all of the church’s obsessively fixated issues regarding sex and procreation?

What is driving people like Rush Limbaugh and editorial staffs like that of the Wall Street Journal up the wall?

Do any issues of partisanship and sectarian differences – doctrinal, liturgical, whatever – matter within Christianity any more?

What does Cahill mean when he says that he is “equally at home,” “equally impatient,” and “equally ill-at-ease” in each and every church?

You can also watch the interview and read its transcript on the Moyers & Company website.

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